Long-time Rental

The possibility of renting any volume of vehicles from 1 to 36 months
Simple procedures and speed of execution - we are able to provide a car even in a few hours from order
Cost reduction - you always pay the same amount
No load creditworthiness - rented cars do not affect your credit score as a car bought on credit
The risk related to the residual value of the vehicle is transferred to Prestige Cars - no need to buy a vehicle as it is in the lease
Fully comprehensive, not available in the lease, service throughout the duration of the rental (including: vehicle service, insurance, exchange and storage of tires, claims handling, assistance, replacement vehicle in the event of failure or damage)
No unexpected maintenance costs and the costs of periodic inspections of vehicles
The possibility of full reporting of the use of vehicles (routes, fuel consumption, unauthorized use)
The duration of the lease and the leased vehicle can be changed at any time

Long-term lease with a limit of 2,500 km

Toyota Aygo
1059 zł netto
12 months
2500 km / month
Toyota Auris
1559 zł netto
12 months
2500 km / month
Nissan Pulsar
1409 zł netto
24 months
2500 km / month