Exactly what documents I need to rent a car?

Valid and accepted driving license and decond proof of identity (ID card or passport).
Citizens from outside the European Union must additionally have International Driving Permit (in the form of a booklet).

Can there be more than one driver?

Yes, the number of people who will be authorized to drive is unlimited.

Can I extend or shorten a lasting rent?

Of course, but 12h before the return of the vehicle You need to inform us about this.
An extension of 48 hours can be made by phone and the extension of the rent for more than 48 hours must be made in our office.

Do I have to pay a deposit before renting?

Only when the employee Prestige-Cars deems it necessary. Vehicles of Classes A, B, C, D are automatically exempt from the payment before renting. The advance payment will be required if you wish to book a vehicle classes E, S, R, P seasonal period when the number of reservations for these vehicles is the highest (holidays, vacation, holidays, long weekends).

How can I make a reservation?

The easiest is make reservation on the website, but it is also possible by phone +48 516 144 144 or by e-mail: kontakt@prestige-cars.pl

Are all your cars are insured?

Yes, each of our vehicle has insurance package with assistance premium throughout the EU (except Bulgaria and Romania).

Can I pay in EURO?

No, at this moment main currency in Poland is PLN (Polish zloty), and only in this currency, we accept payment for rent.

Can I buy additional insurance?

Yes, the Damage Waiver protects our customers from paying for the damage caused by Customer’s or unknown perpetrator.
It is important to report the damage immediately after detecting the number of Prestige-Cars +48 516 144 144 and follow the recommendations of our consultant.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is our protection in case of vehicle damage or there was a need reimbursement eg. by not refueling the vehicle.

Can I return the vehicle in another city?

Yes, but at the moment Prestige-Cars only works in Wroclaw and the cost of return will depend on the distance of Wroclaw.

How much I need to pay?

Prices for each vehicle is different, depending on the model. What is important at the Prestige-Cars running our original rebate program – the longer you rent, the less you pay. The easiest way to check the price of the vehicle is via a form on the Web. If you book a car through a form on the website, you immediately see what will be the total cost of the rental. We guarantee that you will not find any hidden charges.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car?

No, it can also be a debit card. You do not need at all cards if you run a business or have our loyalty card Prestige-Cars. For rent vehicles of Class A and B is not the required security deposit on any card payment.

Can I go abroad?

Yes. If you are planning a trip abroad, please let us know before renting a car. We give You written permission to go to all European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway. The additional cost will be added at one time and it is 50 PLN.

How old are your cars?

We do not have vehicles older than three years. Most of our fleet is replaced every year, so you have confidence that every vehicle will be in perfect condition and with low mileage.

Does the limit of 500km per day means that I cannot drive more than 500 km in one day, in spite of that, I rented a car for a week?

Limit of 500km per day means that during the whole week you can travel 3,500 kilometers. We have no matter how many passes you kilometers in one day.